10 common Mixing Tips That Will Make Your Mix Sound Great

This post will provide some answers for you and guide you through 10 helpful mixing tips and tricks that will ensure your mix will sound great:

  1. Group the Tracks for a Faster and Easier Workflow

  2. Create a Static/Levelled Mix

  3. Adjust the EQ to Avoid a Muddy mix

  4. Maintain a Good Balance in Your mix

  5. Add Compression to Give Your mix Punch and Energy

  6. Make Your mix Come Alive With Reverb

  7. Use the pan Knobs to get a Wide Stereo Image

  8. Remove something from your composition

  9. Adjust the Automation to Make Your mix Breathe

  10. Keep it Simple and Work With 3 Criterias in Mind

This article will cover the basic mixing techniques and is intended for you who really need help with getting started with mixing. By the end of it, you too will have the roadmap to mix as the professionals do.

The following three points are your main goals for the mixing phase:

  1. All tracks in your mix should be easy to hear when played.

  2. Some instruments (the leads) are more important than others, and should be louder than the rest.

  3. How your mix sounds as a whole is the most important thing.

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